Monday, 23 September 2013

Week 3 Whole30 + an eggy debate+That Sugar Film

Week 3 on the Whole30 and I'm cruising along nicely. I got over my crappy week 2 and have made some small changes to my meals.
I've cut out all the lovely bacon I was having for breakfast- it was making me feel a bit too greasy (if that's possible!), so I cut it. This is exactly what the program is about, listening to your body and working out what works for you. Everyone is different, and what works for one person won't necessarily work for another. Trial and error.

So now, upon waking, I have a shot of chlorophyll, followed by nearly 1 litre of H20, then I go and feed Jimmy. 30min later, I have a three egg omelette (2 whole eggs and 1 white), 2 cups of spinach wilted down, 1/4 avocado and 1 cup of mixed blueberries and raspberries or strawberries. I'll add in a banana if i'm going to exercise in the morning. Protein, fats, and carbs all there.

According to myfitnesspal (not sure if it's totally reliable, it breaks down to this:

You can ignore the fact that I have 'gone over' my cholesterol for the day (from my eggs)- just because you eat more cholesterol, doesn't mean your cholesterol will go up. Depending on your health and diet, your liver makes 3-10 times more cholesterol than what comes from your food
So if you're stressing your body with over consumption of carbohydrates (breads, wheats, processed foods which can damage your gut and cause systemic inflammation(stress)) and psychologcial stress, your body will produce more cholesterol to combat the cortisol (cholesterol and lipoproteins are cortisol precursors). 
Stress= an increase in cortisol (stress hormone) = increase in lipoprotein and cholesterol production. 
So eat right, and chill out and your cholesterol will be fine. 
I've got a genetic predisposition for high cholesterol (my skinny, fit and 'healthy' Grandfather dropped dead of a massive heart attack at age 68) my latest blood tests are perfect and I eat eggs everyday...

Many people ask me how I get my calcium if I don't eat dairy- well as you can see above- there is calcium in fruits and vegetables, and this is only one meal's worth.
I don't actually track my food like this everyday, I'm just using this as an example. And the goal are not what I aim for (they're based on a 1200cal low fat high carb BAD diet).
Anyway, I'm feeling great! My energy is level throughout the day, I'm sleeping wonderfully (thanks to Jimmy who sleeps through the night! Will love it while it lasts!) I wake up with a clear head and lots of energy.

I thought I'd share with you some of the reading I've been doing lately:
I've been following a blog by Damian Gameau, an Aussie actor/director  who's making a documentary on sugar titled 'That Sugar Film'. He is currently spending 60 days eating the same amount of sugar consumed by average American teenagers everyday (40 teaspoons).

That Sugar Film Pitch Teaser from DamonG on Vimeo.
During his 60 days he travels to an Aboriginal community in the Northern Territory and explores the impact sugar is having on Indigenous Australians, and then to the US and finds a young boy with 'Mountain Dew mouth' getting all his rotting teeth extracted from drinking litres of soft drink everyday (a very common occurrence).
He also interviews scientist, and finds out how companies are actually doing research on how to get people addicted to sugar= consume more of their products (have you ever had just one lolly and been satisfied?). Kind of like what tobacco companies did- increase the nicotine in cigarettes so people become more addicted. I wonder if there will be lawsuits against producers doing the same with sugar...?
The amazing thing is that he is able to reach his sugar target by eating products that are marketed as 'healthy', 'low fat' foods.
eg Brekky was French toast and a chai. (I thought I would go out in style, sadly my 'style' was bloated and heart burn. 11 teaspoons.
One 'Honest kids' babies juice pack. It had raspberry and lemonade and contained real fruit juice. 8 teaspoons.
One small bowl of trail mix. 7 teaspoons.
One Peach, blueberry smoothie with low fat yoghurt and enema juice concentrate. Apple juice, apologies. 12 teaspoons.
One decaf with 2 sugars as I write this at the airport gate.
40 teaspoons. 

He is currently up to day 53 of 60, then he will go off and make a short film about his journey. So pop over and check out his blog, and keep an eye out for his doco- it will be very interesting viewing.