Wednesday, 17 July 2013

The beginning of 'A cacao life'

I'm new to the whole blogging world (well writing one...) I follow many other blogs, from the DIY, SAHM to clean eating/ exercise enthusiasts. Everyone of them inspires me in my day to day life, so here's hoping my blog may do the same for you!

So, why am I calling my blog 'A cacao life'? Well, recently I discovered this glorious product called raw cacao. It is everything I could ask for. Clean. Chocolate. Superfood. Guilt free. Gluten free. No nasties. Deliciousness! It's like having your cake and eating it too. I want my life to be as fulfilling and enjoyable as cacao.

This past 6 months I have been on a clean eating journey- discovering how the foods I put in my body are either my poison or medicine.
I discovered that I'm gluten intolerant, and i function 100% better without it in my life.
I found that 'clean eating' doesn't have to be boring- in fact it can make your food taste way better. Cutting out processed foods, gluten and sugar have impacted me so much, healthy eating has become my passion. I also LOVE to cook (I own a small macaron business, I'm currently on leave from and not sure I'll return).
Sharing my passion of healthy living, and educating people on their food choices is where I'm heading in this life. So 'A cacao life' seems a fitting name.

Hopefully you'll enjoy my blog as much as I will enjoy writing it!